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Randi del Marco bases herself in Los Angeles but has traveled all over the world on movies. Her work has taken her to Australia, Kenya, Austria and France as well as working in the United States and Canada. Randi loves to explore the areas she visits and brings an off-the-beaten path look at some of these locations to her writing.

She has worked in many capacities in the film industry, from production assistant to production manager, from craft service person to set dresser. But it was while working as the assistant to a major producer that she really got to see the world and the workings behind the scenes that go into making major motion pictures.

Escapism is her middle name and when she isn’t out experiencing the world at large, she devours books; novels, biographies, political treatises and philosophic tomes.

But nothing can compare to a great romance to sweep her off her feet and fill her soul with joy. Randi hopes that her second career, as a writer, will allow her to bring such joy to other readers.

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